UVC Disinfection Robot targeting COVID-19 virus

UVC Disinfection Robot targeting COVID-19 virus

HoST Pte Ltd launches UVC Disinfection Robot. Targeting COVID-19 Virus to Eradicate Pathogens at 99.9% Confidence Level

Bringing to you the UV Disinfection Mobile Robot, the latest technological revolution to fight against disease-causing microbes and viruses. This fully automated robot emits high power UVC rays that are scientifically proven to effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses from any surface. It’s clinically tested to neutralise more than 99.9% of germs, including those related to highly infectious diseases like flu, Rubella, Hepatitis and even the presently dangerous Covid-19. The highly mobile robot body is engineered with an ergonomic design and programmed with a smart algorithm to tackle all tight corners and narrow areas with ease and disinfect every corner of the place. UVC Disinfection robot has huge application potential in a wide range of places and areas. From frequently visited crowded areas like offices, shopping malls and hospitals to personal spaces like homes and apartments, this robot can disinfect all places with ease. This automated robot significantly reduces exposure to operators or customers and gives you a safe, quick and efficient solution to keep your surroundings safe.

How Does UV-C Able to Kill and Inactivate Pathogens?

Amid this current situation, we designed this UVC top module for plug and play on the MiR100 Robot Base for quick deployment. The UVC Lamps used are from American Ultraviolet™, which have more than 60,000 UVC fixtures globally since 1960 and EPA Certified. It covers 360° with 8 UV-C 254nm lamps to deliver doses to eradicate pathogens on the surfaces and air.

How Does UV-C (254nm) Work?

UV-C scrambles the DNA and RNA of the pathogens, leaving them unable to reproduce and therefore, dead.

Field of Application

  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Retail Malls
  • Education Institutions
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Hotels

Benefits of Using UVC Disinfection Robots

  • Plug and play set up with MiR100 for fast and easy deployment for your customers
  • All in 1 ready solution for effective disinfection of pathogens through UV-C light
  • Documentation on energy dosages required to eradicate pathogens at 99.9% confidence level
  • To be fully autonomous to do scheduled disinfection without exposing an operator to do chemical disinfection
  • Able to disinfect large areas at a short amount of time without the worry of inconsistency
  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Meet the safety standards and certification


UV-C Light approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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About HoST

HoST, founded back in 1990, operates in the industrial automation market across Singapore and parts of South East Asia. HoST’s vision is to be a company that delivers customer-centric values to address evolving business needs. HoST has been mainly recognised as the sole authorised distributor of Allen-Bradley Company in Singapore. Over the years, HoST has not only established strong ties with its various business partners but have continued to build new and successful business relationships to provide its customers with the best-in-class solutions that are available in this competitive market. HoST ever-expanding portfolio of solutions makes up the three core pillars of its business, specifically in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Industrial Network and Security, as well as Carbon Footprint Reduction, which reflect HoST’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

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