Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – The modernization of Edge Computing

Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – The modernization of Edge Computing

The modernization of Edge Computing

There is a rise in the number of multinational corporations utilizing edge computing. Edge computing will stay at the heart of this transition for as long as IoT exists and evolves. IoT captures and analyzes massive amounts of real-time data and communicates this critical information upstream, allowing corporate executives to make faster and more accurate choices.

With an increasing amount of such real-time data and essential information, a low latency, simple, autonomous, and secure system is required to assure little to no downtime. This is where Stratus Technologies solutions and platforms excel: proactively keeping business-critical applications operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; preventing unplanned downtime; proactively addressing any issues before customers have to.

Most people may not comprehend the distinction between edge computing and digital transformation, mainly when both operations are considered data collecting. Digitalization has now become a must-have competency for enterprises in the present pandemic, and the following practice of WFH has aided in digitization’s acceleration. A digital transformation is no longer an option; it is something we must invest in to remain competitive and thrive.

Global trends have an impact on all firms, especially SMEs. With increased awareness, it can be said that the term edge computing, like digital transformation, will soon become part of our everyday vocabulary. Customers have been looking towards digital transformation and increasing manufacturing efficiency with the epidemic. They identified edge computing as one method where data is closer to the factory floor and decisions can be made more quickly.

Depending on the customer’s demands, companies devise a modified solution and suggest it for evaluation. Any technology accessible today is the consequence of the further modernization of previous technologies. However, it can be assumed that the edge environment’s restrictions will significantly impact how edge computing evolves in the future.

It can be predicted that soon, edge computers will become smaller and lighter machines capable of making quick and secure judgments. It will also have increased computer capability while remaining more energy efficient.

So, let us listen to the experts, the moderator Sathvik. S Rao – Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)Council, the Panelist Francis Lor – Business development manager, Nismix Machinery, Xyvier Goh – Regional Sales Director, Stratus Technologies, and Adrian Tan – Senior Account Manager HoST Pte Ltd at our show to shed more light on edge computing and digital transformation. To know more, join us and watch the full episode here……

Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – The modernization of Edge Computing

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