Tea Time with HoST Episode 5

Tea Time with HoST Episode 5

HoST Pte Ltd. take an extremely proactive approach in introducing new products and solutions to all the companies it works with. It always focuses on identifying gaps and fills them up with innovative solutions to help grow every business. Our special guest Mr Marcus from Daidan will share tips on keeping the momentum up even in a critical situation like COVID-19. Interested to know more? Join our show “Tea Time with HoST” and read more

Tea Time with HoST – Episode Five


Tea time with HoST is a show in which customers and suppliers share their perspectives and help to create greater clarity. The team at HoST would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Marcus from Daidan, who has been working with us for more than three years. Daidan concentrates on the pharmaceutical industry, carrying A&A work.

As a result, HoST has taken an extremely proactive approach in introducing new products and solutions to Daidan that they believe may be suitable for use in the city. HoST also provides necessary updates on after-sales support, allowing Daidan to be fully aware of the services and provide the appropriate help when a logistical error caused a missing component from HoST to be used during a shutdown in 2018. To his credit, the representative from HoST accepted the responsibility and went above and beyond to resolve the situation. These aid in the completion of shutdown activities on time and within budget. The belief that HoST is accountable and willing to provide necessary support whenever a customer requires it has been instilled in the company by him. Throughout the difficult period that the company went through last year, there were numerous workforce challenges and COVID-19 restrictions that had to adhere to. While Daidan’s requirements were difficult to meet, HoST proved to be highly resourceful and professional.

The issues here are those on engineering support and delivery. Even during a pandemic situation, the ongoing communication with HoST is robust and consistent. In the opinion of HoST, the year 2021 will be a more prosperous one for all. Please visit www. hosts.sg if you have any questions or require additional information; alternatively, you can contact our team directly.

About HoST

HoST, founded back in 1990, operates in the industrial automation market across Singapore and parts of South East Asia. HoST’s vision is to be a company that delivers customer-centric values to address evolving business needs. HoST has been mainly recognised as the sole authorised distributor of Allen-Bradley Company in Singapore. Over the years, HoST has not only established strong ties with its various business partners but have continued to build new and successful business relationships to provide its customers with the best-in-class solutions that are available in this competitive market. HoST ever-expanding portfolio of solutions makes up the three core pillars of its business, specifically in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Industrial Network and Security, as well as Carbon Footprint Reduction, which reflect HoST’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

For more information, please visit  www.host.sg or follow on LinkedIn and Facebook

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