Sucess Story – Nordic Flow Control Ensures 24/7 Availability at World’s Busiest Port with Stratus Technologies

Sucess Story – Nordic Flow Control Ensures 24/7 Availability at World’s Busiest Port with Stratus Technologies

NORDIC FLOW CONTROL Systems integration solutions provider turns to ftStratus Server for uninterrupted 24x7x365 availability vital to serving the world’s busiest port Nordic Flow Control prides itself as a global systems integration solutions specialist serving the marine, offshore, and oil and gas sectors. Incorporated in 1998 with its headquarters based in Singapore, Nordic Flow Control is a subsidiary of Nordic Group Limited which has been listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) main board since 2010.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that span flow systems, automation solutions, navigation products, engineering and project management services which are tailored to suit the varying needs of customers worldwide.


The Challenge
Being the hub and focal point for some 200 shipping lines with links to over 600 ports worldwide, Singapore is home to the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage, with an average of 140,000 vessels calling at the port yearly. In today’s always-on global economy, organizations cannot afford business downtime as it not only leads to both lost revenue and reputation, but also harbors latent economic, security and legal repercussions. One of Nordic Flow Control customers – a leading cargo ground handling agent in the Southeast Asian region – understood how critical it was for its operations to stay uninterrupted 24x7x365 in order to uphold its reputation in the industry and keep up with increasing demands.

The customer needed a robust and scalable solution to address several requirements which included continuous availability, simple deployment and maintenance, zero data corruption and loss, as well as lower total cost of ownership. The customer was looking into the possibility of using a conventional redundant or backup server, consisting of two standalone servers installed with mission-critical applications for switching over when any of the servers were down, for cost-effectiveness.

The Solution
Working closely with integration partner HoST working closely with integration partner HoST, the Stratus ftServer platform was selected by Nordic Flow Control as the best fully integrated continuously available platform to deploy to address the needs of the customer. FactoryTalk, a SCADA software suite developed by Rockwell Automation to help provide visualization and control of manufacturing processes, was also implemented. Designed and built to run mission-critical applications without downtime or data loss, Stratus ftServer enabled the customer to accelerate the modernization of its IT infrastructure with optimal reliability and efficiency while minimizing risk.

As a fault-tolerant computing platform, Stratus ftServer features a hardware-based, fully- redundant architecture that comprises two identical customer replaceable units (CRUs), each with their own processors, memory, storage and power. This approach does not require any development overhead deployment which simplify management significantly, and allows the servicing and maintenance of the platform while in operation, without downtime or disruption.

The Results
Since the implementation of Stratus ftServer, the customer has not experienced any service downtown or disruption to its business operations which run 24x7x365. With Stratus’ Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) software in place, continuous availability is assured, even in the event of a hardware component failure. The seamless combination of performance, computing power, reliability and serviceability afforded by Stratus ftServer, alongside the productivity software suite from Rockwell Automation, empowers the customer to not only improve its overall efficiency and with the capability to meet increasing demands but also enable it to future-proof its IT architectures to realize edge-core-cloud data strategies that are critical to turning data into actionable insight.

Stratus ftServer not only enables us to run a 24x7x365 enterprise effortlessly but also paves the way for future-proofing our infrastructure to take advantage of the compelling features of both on-premises and cloud deployment options. The platform was easy to deploy and is even easier to maintain and manage on a day-to-day basis.” 

Mr Chou Chee FattChief Operating Officer, Nordic Flow Control Pte Ltd

Stratus® ftServer®

A continuously available computing platform uniquely engineered to run mission-critical applications without downtime or data loss—for the enterprise data centre, control room, or edge location.

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About HoST

HoST, founded back in 1990, operates in the industrial automation market across Singapore and parts of South East Asia. HoST’s vision is to be a company that delivers customer-centric values to address evolving business needs. HoST has been mainly recognised as the sole authorised distributor of Allen-Bradley Company in Singapore. Over the years, HoST has not only established strong ties with its various business partners but have continued to build new and successful business relationships to provide its customers with the best-in-class solutions that are available in this competitive market. HoST ever-expanding portfolio of solutions makes up the three core pillars of its business, specifically in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Industrial Network and Security, as well as Carbon Footprint Reduction, which reflect HoST’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

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