Sonepar Unveils its First CSR Report

Sonepar Unveils its First CSR Report

We are proud to unveil our first Corporate Social Responsibility report.

The Sonepar Group is currently engaged in an ambitious and challenging transformation. In 2021, we delivered record-breaking results, launched our omnichannel platform, and renewed our brand identity.

We have also begun to establish our purpose, to set out what we bring to the world and to our stakeholders, particularly with regards to current and future social, societal and environmental issues.

With all of this in mind, we are proud to unveil our first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The key elements to which are:

  • Sonepar’s long-term strategy which builds upon the vision of our shareholder base
  • People – Our business and innovation are driven by the commitment, skills, and diversity of our associates.
  • Compliance – We believe that integrity, fairness, and trust are key levers for generating sustainable growth.
  • Supply Chain – At the epicenter of our industry, Sonepar is positioned to be a catalyst to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the construction and manufacturing industries.
  • Suppliers – Through close and long-lasting relationships, Sonepar can encourage our suppliers to innovate and elevate their energy-efficient solutions by raising awareness throughout our customer base


Discover the full report here!


Source from Sonepar

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HoST, founded back in 1990, operates in the industrial automation market across Singapore and parts of South East Asia. HoST’s vision is to be a company that delivers customer-centric values to address evolving business needs. HoST has been mainly recognised as the sole authorised distributor of Allen-Bradley Company in Singapore. Over the years, HoST has not only established strong ties with its various business partners but have continued to build new and successful business relationships to provide its customers with the best-in-class solutions that are available in this competitive market. HoST ever-expanding portfolio of solutions makes up the three core pillars of its business, specifically in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Industrial Network and Security, as well as Carbon Footprint Reduction, which reflect HoST’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

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