Cyber <br/>Security
  • Control & Automation
    • Supervisory Control
    • Programmable Logic Controller
    • Panel HMI
    • Motion Control
    • Machine & Process Safety
    • High Availability system
    • Fault Tolerant Servers
    • Electrical Enclosure & Solutions
  • Analytics
    • Dashboarding
    • Machine Learning
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Predictive Maintenance
  • Robotics
    • Collaborative Robot
    • Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • High Efficiency motor
    • Induction Motors
    • Motor Smart Sensors
  • Industrial Lightings
    • Industrial LED fixtures
    • Smart Lighting Solution
  • Motor Control
    • Motor Starters
    • Medium Voltage Drive
    • Low Voltage Drive
    • Motor Control Center
  • Network Infrastructure
    • Network cabling and accessories
    • Network Switches
    • Industrial Wireless Solution
    • Secure Network & Remote Access
    • Server Rack & Solutions
  • Security Zoning & Conduits
    • Data Diode
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection
  • Network & Security Assessment
    • Asset Visibility
    • Security Posture
    • Risk and Vulnerability assessment

Stay protected in the middle of unprecedented cyber threats by investing in a robust cybersecurity system. As an ISA99 qualification holder, HoST offers consultation and implementation of cybersecurity solutions in the OT layer, enabling enterprises to stay up and running even amid cyber-attacks through our partners. 


A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

The Industrial Internet of Things is driving a level of increased connectivity that helps companies to improve their overall performance, but also comes with the potential for enterprise risk. With the potential for huge losses at stake, applying cyber security to industrial control systems means taking a holistic and proactive approach to managing that risk and protecting operations and intellectual property. As attacks become more sophisticated and pervasive, physical security is not enough; companies also need to adopt an industrial cyber security posture. Rockwell Automation brings strong expertise of the plant floor as well as expertise in cyber security to help our customers secure and maintain their infrastructure, protect their assets, and optimize their overall performance.

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Owl Cyber Defense


OWL Cyber Security has made its name as one of the most reliable cyber defence solutions in the world. With the help of their knowledge in Data Diode hardware technology that nullifies the chances of external attacks by securely transferring data through network boundaries, OWL promises top-notch defence solutions at all times. Unhackable technology, easy to set up, hassle-free maintenance.

Owl Data Diode

Owl Data Diode Products are designed to provide deterministic data transfer in only one direction (unidirectional), to segment and protect networks, devices, and other digital assets (databases, historians, SCADA, PLCs, DCS, etc.) from external cyber threats.

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Claroty Cyber Security

Claroty, on the other hand, has extensively simplified the complexities in Cyber Security. By integrating the already established security hardware system, the platform helps users control and manages threats, detect them, troubleshoot for potential vulnerability, manage network segmentation, and revolutionize the entire system!

Claroty is known for its extensive and continuous threat detection technology, which is also capable of supporting an enterprise with its comprehensive OT visibility, Optimal User Interface, and strengthened protection against risk. Claroty ensures secure remote access to an enterprise’s server. Claroty’s three-tier architecture protects field devices, the central network, the processing network, the data processing field, the IT and DMZ Zones, and finally the corporate network. It can get compared to an impenetrable fortress, which cannot get bypassed.

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