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    • Risk and Vulnerability assessment

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Mobile Robot primarily autonomous mobile robots (AMR). A guided vehicle follows fixed routes, usually along wires or magnets embedded in the ground. An AGV robot is probably smart enough to use simple sensors to avoid hitting obstacles along the way. But it’s not intelligent enough to go around them, whereas AMR is much more sophisticated. It’s packed with sensors and powerful onboard computers that help it to understand its operating environment.

The international federation of robotics does an Explosion in the number of mobile robots in use in 2020, a growth of  333% in the manufacturing industry and 798% in the healthcare sector, this research results.

Every industry faces unique challenges, but across all types of sectors, AMRs can add value to make your business work more efficiently, smarter, and safer than before. 

MiR is an open robot, ready for your application to be integrated. It is easy to program and control a robot fleet, including robots with different top modules, hooks, or other accessories. Once the programming phase is over, the system manages the priorities. It selects the most suitable robot to the operation that needs to be carried out, based on position and availability. E-mail notifications keep you updated about obstacles or other possible unforeseen events that may prevent the robot from carrying out a task.

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Robots improve productivity when they are applied to tasks that they perform more efficiently and to a higher and more consistent level of quality than humans. In response to its manufacturers are increasingly showing interest in robotics. Collaborative Robots (Cobot) and Mobile Robots It is highly productive automated systems for the right applications. Introducing collaborative robots that will help companies attain a convenient and safer future. They are easy to control and flexible in adapting to changes in production layouts – effectively reducing operating expenses, as well as the investment required during production line upgrades. With autonomous mobile robots (AMR), your company will be able to automate operations that are dangerous and repetitive.


Collaborative Robots (Cobots ) are robots intended for direct human-robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are close. Automation is no longer intricate. The collaborative robot HCR is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in production layout, effectively cutting investment cost and operating also provides a safe and convenient work environment

Hanwha cobot can be easily programmed by using its icon-based on Graphic user interface, and the timeline basis programming allows user to monitor the workflow intuitively. More commonly, the user can grip the robot and directly teaches the waypoint or record the motion path to the robot.

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The Different Applications on Cobots

The Different Applications on Cobots



Introducing the world’s most advanced autonomous cleaning robots

Here at Gaussian Robotics, we redefine cleaning Manage your facility through technology that saves cost, increase the productivity and up-skill your workforce. Cleaning made easy and better, We make it easier to achieve a spotless clean, every single time. We design robots that makes it easier for cleaners to do their job and for you to produce better results. Suitable for All Sites, Trusted by customers across different industries, our robots can be effectively applied in facilities of all nature and perform its duties as required.

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