• Control & Automation
    • Supervisory Control
    • Programmable Logic Controller
    • Panel HMI
    • Motion Control
    • Machine & Process Safety
    • High Availability system
    • Fault Tolerant Servers
    • Electrical Enclosure & Solutions
  • Analytics
    • Dashboarding
    • Machine Learning
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Predictive Maintenance
  • Robotics
    • Collaborative Robot
    • Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • High Efficiency motor
    • Induction Motors
    • Motor Smart Sensors
  • Industrial Lightings
    • Industrial LED fixtures
    • Smart Lighting Solution
  • Motor Control
    • Motor Starters
    • Medium Voltage Drive
    • Low Voltage Drive
    • Motor Control Center
  • Network Infrastructure
    • Network cabling and accessories
    • Network Switches
    • Industrial Wireless Solution
    • Secure Network & Remote Access
    • Server Rack & Solutions
  • Security Zoning & Conduits
    • Data Diode
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection
  • Network & Security Assessment
    • Asset Visibility
    • Security Posture
    • Risk and Vulnerability assessment

AnalyticsWe make data actionable.

Smart Manufacturing

Prevent future problems, a data analytics software with predictive maintenance features. By collaborating with data scientists to form algorithms for predictive maintenance. We enable businesses to access valuable data that fuel the enhancement of existing programs. FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite is a comprehensive portfolio that brings edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning, industrial internet of things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR) to industrial operations. This powerful suite simplifies how your company manages data and makes it easier for everyone to access, understand, and leverage the information they need to make decisions. InnovationSuite collects and consolidates information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) from your existing equipment and systems, so you can make data-driven decisions that align with your exact needs. Your workforce can easily find the data they need to drive real improvements.




Your Turnkey, predictive maintenance intelligent solution

Asystom delivers a turnkey, comprehensive, universal and stand-alone predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment. Apart from letting you monitor all components of your system, this solution warns you in real time of the status of each monitored device and, thanks to its embedded intelligence, predicts possible failures, drifts and anomalies.



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