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Simplifying Industrial Automation

Automation is empowering industrial enterprises to dramatically increase productivity. Yet modernizing industrial automation requires underlying technologies designed to improve efficiency, quality and eliminate unplanned downtime. From process to hybrid to discrete manufacturing, Stratus provides industry leading infrastructure solutions to modernize your operations and reduce the complexity of industrial control systems.

Available for the control room, plant floor or enterprise, Stratus solutions enable control systems and supporting manufacturing applications to be consolidated onto one virtualized platform. All Stratus systems are self-monitoring, self-protecting, don’t require IT specialists on site – and are uniquely suited for industrial environments. The unique combination of Stratus’ integrated redundancy, automated failure prediction and part replacement, together with hot-swappable components and seamless system re-synchronization, eliminates downtime and returns systems to full operation without the need for IT.

Stratus eliminates the complexity normally associated with specialized redundant solutions with systems that are easy to deploy, manage, and service