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About Asystom 

Asystom is a French company, based in Toulouse, specialising in Predictive Maintenance solutions for industry. 

Over two years ago, we launched a smart, autonomous solution for Predictive Maintenance for a wide range of industrial machines, with motors, bearings, pumps, valves (rotating devices) etc., that are common in many industries. The Asystom solution is universal and works on any machine, regardless of age and design, without any constraints of installation and deployment. The solution is scalable, non-intrusive and works independently from existing infrastructure.

A network of powerful, autonomous and connected multi-sensor beacons that collect and analyze on-site the operating data of the monitored devices.
Data Transmission
A secured cloud service, powered by Asystom devices and the LoRa network, allows secure storage of all your measurements.
A visualization platform accessible on all media supports (mobile, tablet and computer), allows you to view all data collected in real time.


Download Asystom brochure here