Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – Go Green with Decarbonization and Sustainability

Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – Go Green with Decarbonization and Sustainability

Go Green with Decarbonization and Sustainability

UN has warned that Earth is firmly on track towards an unlivable world. Many nations have signed agreements tackling climate change. Singapore has launched the Go-Green initiatives.

Everyone in every sector has to play their part. International shipping accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. One significant achievement is its involvement in the Coastal Sustainability Alliance, which aims to decarbonize Singapore’s coastal delivery system. Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA) is a collaboration of seven significant maritime companies tasked with developing Singapore’s next-generation Maritime Ecosystem. Sea-wireless drives this endeavour.

The goal is to build a network of wireless shore and mobile charging stations available to all-electric and plug-in hybrid vessels. The commitment to sustainable business practices and lifestyles is essential to a forward-thinking living on our planet. Reconciling economic and environmental concerns is an intergenerational endeavour that is the responsibility of each individual.

To support this, it is essential to encourage the offering of Go-Green products and solutions, such as:

  • Prioritizing promotions on energy-efficient solutions,
  • Encourage renewable energy storage solutions for decarbonization.
  • Proposing IoT solutions for energy management,
  • Encourage lesser wastage by using sustainable products

Festo has a widely varying impact on the United Nations’ 17 SDGs. Festo’s new online tool enables customers to find the right drive technology for their machines and systems with just a few clicks. They play an essential role in developing goods that help minimize carbon emissions. Most existing green solutions are of European origin and “quite pricey.” The attempt is not to take a whole solution but to pick components and develop a framework around them.

Rittal wants to convey to customers providing more than just energy-efficient goods. Rittal is dedicated to continuing Go-green activities in collaboration with key partners such as the HoST. When evaluating the complete panel construction process, digitalization and intelligent engineering will be the future winning methods.

The ecosystem of Factory and Process Industries fully embraces Go Green ideas that benefit everyone in the long run. Let us start our green activities by streamlining procedures and selecting the appropriate technologies.

So, let us listen to the expert, the moderator, Dr James Ong, Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) Representative, the Panelist George Lee CEO, Sea Forrest power solution Pte Ltd, Ross Ng – Head of Distribution Sales, Festo Southeast Asia & Pacific, Aero Ng – Head of Sales, Rittal Singapore and Chris Chan – Senior Solution Sales Manager, HoST Pte Ltd at our show. Let us all work together to make automation a viable option today and in the future.. To know more, join us and watch the full episode here……

Enabling Industrial 4.0 Panel Discussion with the expert – Go Green with Decarbonization and Sustainability

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