High Availability System for Water Project

High Availability System for Water Project

Upgrading Project


In a water catchment plant, there was a need to upgrade the Controls and SCADA system to facilitate a more robust and efficient operation of the plant.


Operation of the plant encompasses the inter-operability of Electrical and Mechanical plants. Equipment required for these components needed to function as one to deliver key operational objectives. With the centralisation of the SCADA system, linking various parts of the Plant and Equipment became feasible with efficacy.

Customer Requirements

  1. Redesign the architecture controls for high availability and robust features – ensuring that if one system fails, another would come online.
  2. Showcase site for better living through technology.
  3. Adoption of open and secure Ethernet/IP network and upgrade network speeds for real-time access to data.
  4. Centralisation of the SCADA system to control the entire plant with an audit trail and backup features to eliminate risks.


    We installed the water process control system including Redundant ControlLogix controllers and Distributed IO for the Controls, FactoryTalk Asset Centre and VantagePoint for asset management and visualisation display respectively.


    Real-time data allows the companies to utilize alarms to notify employees when a remote pump fails. This reduces downtime for troubleshooting and communication.

    Our installation also provided the requirements for high availability system and security features needed for a critical plant. Security is reinforced through our defence-in-depth approach to identifying ways of protection such as temper detection or theft of intellectual property.

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