AGV vs. AMR – What’s the Difference?

AGV vs. AMR – What’s the Difference?

You would have known about AMR or Autonomous Mobile Robots. There’s a lot of information on the internet about differences between AGV and AMR. But, is there really any differences? Yes, there are! Let’s discover the differences between AGV and AMR with our channel partner MiR

AGV vs. AMR – What’s the Difference?

Until recently, traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs) were the only option for automating internal transportation tasks. Today, however, AGVs are challenged by the more sophisticated, flexible, and cost-effective technology of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). While AGVs and AMRs both move materials from one place to another, that is where the similarities cease.

Fixed routes vs. Intelligent navigation

To navigate, an AGV is guided by wires, magnetic strips, or sensors which typically requires extensive and expensive facility updates while AMR navigates via maps that its software constructs on-site or via pre-loaded facility drawings. The AMR uses data from cameras and built-in sensors and laser scanners as well as sophisticated software that enables it to detect its surroundings and choose the most efficient route to the target.

Few applications vs. High flexibility

AMR’s autonomous operation makes it more flexible than AGV. AGVs are limited to following a strict route integrated to the facility. Suited for traditional business models vs. Made for agile businesses.

The flexibility of the AMRs is crucial for modern manufacturing environments, requiring agility and flexibility if there is a need for modifications to products or the production line. AMRs are highly adaptable for agile production in any size of facility.

Expensive vs. Cost-effective

An AMR does not need costly modifications to the building infrastructure so it is faster and less expensive to get AMRs up and running.

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Source : MiR

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